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Listen: Baroness Warsi tells Grant Shapps to shut up

6 October 2017

1:47 PM

6 October 2017

1:47 PM

Grant Shapps’ attempt to topple Theresa May is not going quite to plan. Tory MPs are busy tweeting their support for the Prime Minister. While others are turning their fire on Shapps himself. Nadine Dorries said the plot was ‘pathetic’ – and Baroness Warsi was even more outspoken on the subject of Shapps’ bungled bid to oust the PM. On the World at One this afternoon, she was asked for her message to the former Tory party chairman:

‘My message to Grant Shapps is really shut up.’

But Warsi did, however, admit that some good had come from Shapps’ intervention:

‘If there’s one thing that Grant has done, if there’s one positive that’s come out of all of this, it’s that he has united a party and large sections of the public behind Theresa May.’

Oh dear…

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