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Liam Fox reveals what he does all day

1 October 2017

8:18 PM

1 October 2017

8:18 PM

Liam Fox answered the question on everyone’s lips today. No, it wasn’t what he thought of Boris Johnson’s Brexit interventions (although he did say the Foreign Secretary was no different from him in expressing himself in ’his own colourful way’). Instead, he revealed what it is he does all day. Given that for as long as Britain remains in the EU, the UK cannot sign any free trade deals, it’s a legitimate question to ask of the international trade secretary. So what is it Fox actually does?

At a fringe event at Tory conference, Fox said that he’s been keeping very busy, thank you very much, and that he spent most of his time ‘looking at opportunities’ for British exporters. And for those who thought Fox is actually just twiddling his thumbs, he had a message: you ‘clearly do not understand much about trade because trade agreements are only part of what happens’.

Mr S. is sure that all of that must be keeping Fox busy. But he was also surprised to hear Fox’s answer to whether he had found the time to read the Tories’ post-mortem report on what went wrong for the party at the doomed snap election: I haven’t read it, said Fox. Oh dear…

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