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Labour MP: ‘Better educated’ people voted Remain

29 October 2017

11:17 PM

29 October 2017

11:17 PM

After the Conservative MP Chris Heaton-Harris was outed last week for writing to universities requesting details of their Brexit syllabus, the debate on academic Brexit bias is in full swing. Happily Labour’s Barry Sheerman was on hand to clear the matter up with an appearance on Yorkshire Sunday Politics.

Sheerman said any anti-Brexit sentiment at universities was down to the fact that ‘better educated people’ back Remain:

BS: The truth is that when you look at who voted to Remain, most of them were the better educated people in our country…

TI: This is controversial! Massively controversial.

BS: Absolutely! It’s absolutely true. You can actually see the pattern. All the university towns voted Remain…

TI: Do you stand by that? You are seriously saying that better educated people voted for Remain?

BS: They did. Absolutely they did.

TI: Thick people voted to Leave?

BS: I didn’t use the other expression, you used that…

TI: That’s the connotation!

His silence speaks volumes…

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