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Jon Craig proves a professional on Sky

29 October 2017

2:30 PM

29 October 2017

2:30 PM

With the Sunday papers filled with tales of male politicians behaving badly, it’s a report in the Mail on Sunday involving a Brexit minister which is provoking the most outrage.

The paper alleges that in 2010, Tory MP Mark Garnier – who now serves as an International Trade Minister – called a former aide ‘sugar t-ts’ and sent her to buy two vibrators for him at a sex shop in Soho. Garnier doesn’t deny the claims made by Caroline Edmondson – but he does insists it was ‘good-humoured high jinks’ which ‘absolutely does not constitute harassment’.

Good-humoured or not, Mr S was impressed to see Sky News’ Jon Craig prove the picture of professionalism this morning. Giving a report on the incident, Craig stayed cool and calm despite the small fact that Edmondson is his spouse…

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