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Grant Shapps left out in the cold on Tory WhatsApp

6 October 2017

10:23 AM

6 October 2017

10:23 AM

It’s safe to say that Grant Shapps’ plot to oust Theresa May is not going to plan. After being outed by The Times, the former party chairman has been turned on by many of his parliamentary colleagues.

Now Mr S understands the ultimate humiliation has been handed to him. It turns out that Shapps was never added by his colleagues to the infamous Tory MP WhatsApp group due to a lack of – call it – demand for his presence.


The good news is that he has been added this morning. The reason? ‘So he can read all the abuse we’re giving him,’ explains one miffed MP.

Currently doing the rounds: the team2015 scandal and the suggestion that the list of 30 names are really just ‘Michael Greens’ of this world.

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