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Culture Secretary investigated for not having a TV licence

9 October 2017

4:10 PM

9 October 2017

4:10 PM

Oh dear. As Culture Secretary, Karen Bradley is expected to foster and maintain good relations with both the media and broadcast industries.  So, Mr S was alarmed to hear that Bradley recently found herself on the wrong side of the TV licensing company.

Writing on the infamous Tory MP WhatsApp group, Bradley complained to her fellow MPs she was being hounded by TV Licensing for not having a TV license for her constituency office. The MP for Staffordshire Moorlands asked if she was the only one having this bother – only to be greeted by silence. 

A DCMS spokesman says Bradley has since explained to TV Licensing that she doesn’t have a television in the office. With not even the Culture Secretary above the law, Bradley best hope none of her staffers are watching BBC iPlayer from their office computers – an offence that risks a £1,000 fine…

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