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Brexit minister tells Tories to behave

Is the prospect of Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn galvanising Tory ministers into rallying around Theresa May? Steve Baker MP, a lead Brexiteer – and one of the key junior ministers in the Department for Exiting the EU – today told an audience that he is ‘enthusiastic’ about Theresa May’s approach to Brexit.

Speaking at a European Conservatives and Reformists event, Baker explained that he was happy with the PM’s position and that there is now ‘no going back’. Theresa May’s Florence speech ‘doesn’t mean she’s backed away from the red lines she previously set out,’ he explained.

But despite saying that his own department never feels nervous, he seemed slightly more concerned about the prospect of Corbyn coming to power. ‘The Labour Party is a far bigger risk to this economy than leaving the European Union,’ he told the audience.

Perhaps that’s why he also seemed to include a veiled dig at members of the Tory party who seemed determined to cause trouble over the next few days. Ministerial responsibility ‘isn’t suspended for conference’ he said. No prizes for guessing who that might have been directed at…

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