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A cold front for the Tories in Manchester

1 October 2017

3:54 PM

1 October 2017

3:54 PM

It’s Theresa May’s birthday and the Prime Minister is set to spend it in Manchester where Conservative party conference kicks off today. Alas, rather than celebrate, May finds herself in a perilous position – as MPs on all sides on the party go on the offensive whether it’s over Brexit, tuition fees or Boris. To add to the Tories’ woes, they are been given a less than friendly reception in the land of the northern powerhouse.

On top of a banner calling for Tories to be hung, anti-Tory protesters have today descended on the area surrounding the conference centre. Here are some of the delights on display:

Still, at least the protests will help prepare May for the hostile response she can expect inside the centre…

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