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Yet another no-score draw at PMQs

Jeremy Corbyn has improved at PMQs to the extent that he now touches on the topics that will cause the Prime Minister the most embarrassment. So, today public sector pay and tuition fees both got an outing. But Corbyn isn’t a good enough—or forensic enough—parliamentary performer to really makes these points tell. Theresa May for her part is capable of parrying, but not counter-punching. The result: PMQs is now routinely a no-score draw.

Today was no different and with an unexceptional set of backbench questions, the session rather petered out. These no-score draws quite suit both May and Corbyn. As long as May gets through these sessions intact, the morale of the Tory parliamentary party isn’t adversely affected. While Corbyn is far more concerned with politics outside the chamber than inside it.

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