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Watch: Clive Lewis vs Caroline Flint on racism and migration

24 September 2017

11:15 AM

24 September 2017

11:15 AM

Labour’s conference only started a few hours ago but already the cracks are starting to show. While the Tories are doing a good job of tearing themselves apart over Brexit, Labour is determined not to be outdone. Clive Lewis and Caroline Flint don’t see eye-to-eye on many issues – and the question of freedom of movement is no different. On Sky’s Sunday with Paterson, the pair debated the question of whether opposition to immigration was a matter of racism. It’s fair to say their exchange summed up why Labour’s still has some work to do on its Brexit stance…

Clive Lewis: It is ultimately about racism

Caroline Flint: No, it’s not

Lewis: It comes down to racism

Flint: No, it’s not

Lewis: Yes, it does

Flint: That is bizarre, Clive

Mr S predicts this won’t be the only Brexit bust-up at Labour’s conference…

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