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Tories weren’t ready for snap election, says Tory who called snap election

28 September 2017

2:22 PM

28 September 2017

2:22 PM

At Conservative party conference next week, expect a lot of soul-searching over what exactly went wrong for the Tories in the snap election. Happily, the Prime Minister has kicked proceedings off early – telling the House magazine that the big problem was that the Tories just weren’t ready for an early election:

‘I think the other issue was the need to have, in a sense, a less centralised campaign. You obviously need to have a central focus in the campaign. But I think that an awful lot of people out there in the party worked hard on the ground, and there is a feeling that there wasn’t the ability to do what they wanted to do. There weren’t the links with the centre that there should have been. That’s one of the issues we need to look at.’

Of course, given that it was Theresa May who called said election, one could argue that this was an easily avoidable problem…

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