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Tom Watson is left out in the cold

11 September 2017

2:06 PM

11 September 2017

2:06 PM

Although the Labour party has managed to put on a more united front since the snap election, there have been signs to suggest Corbyn’s allies aren’t yet ready to forgive the moderates who tried to oust their dear leader just last year. From refusing to let the Mayor of London have a speaking slot at Labour conference to flirting with the idea of mandatory re-selection, moderates worry they are being left out in the cold.

Appearing on Pienaar’s Politics on Sunday, Len McCluskey attempted to put an end to such reports. Corbyn’s close ally insisted that forgiveness was on the menu for anyone – so long as they now get behind Corbyn. However, does that offer of forgiveness apply to his old flatmate Tom Watson? Perhaps not.

Asked about his feud with his former flatmate, McCluskey admitted that the pair have not buried the hatchet:

Katy Balls: Have you managed to patch up your differences in the spirit of forgiveness?

Len McCluskey: No

John Pienaar: That was as brisk as a door slamming shut. So, that breach is forever?

Len McCluskey: Look, I’ve said this before publicly, I am genuinely sad to have lost Tom’s friendship. I got on really well with him socially and we had good times together but you’ll have to ask him as to why he did what he did which was being part of a stupid and rather sinister coup to undermine the leadership when Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell were attempting to put forward an alternative economic strategy. Now, why there was constant knifing in the back?

Good luck getting out of this one Tom…

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