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The new test for true Corbynistas: do you support the Uber ban?

22 September 2017

12:46 PM

22 September 2017

12:46 PM

Forget power to the people, today it’s power to black cab drivers! Transport for London has announced that Uber will not be issued a new private hire licence, with London mayor Sadiq Khan ‘welcoming’ the decision. This means no more Uber in London – though the decision will be challenged in the courts.

So, as 40,000 drivers worry about their income and 3.5 million Uber customers consider the effect on both their finances and travel plans, take heart that true socialists will at least be happy. Earlier this year, Labour’s Rebecca Long-Bailey said using Uber isn’t morally acceptable – and today Paul Mason has crowned the decision a ‘brilliant victory’ for the Labour movement:


Only, Mr S isn’t so sure that the majority of Labour-voting London agrees. Rather than mass praise for the decision, #boycottblackcabs is now doing the rounds and Londoners are taking to social media to vent their anger over the choice of a cheap taxi home being taken away.

The new test for true Corbynistas: do you support the Uber ban?

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