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Spectator Briefing

Spectator Briefing: A new battle of ideas

29 September 2017

4:02 PM

29 September 2017

4:02 PM

When I started out as a political journalist, I was always thrown by the word ‘policy’. To most people it sounded so dull and wonky whereas for me, it was – and is – easily the most exciting aspect of politics. How to fix the NHS, tackle poverty, solve the housing crisis, make state schools as good as private schools? This is what Westminster should be about: a battle of ideas.

So we’re introducing a forum for this battle: Spectator Briefing, where we’ll seek a variety of voices and go into greater depth than would be suitable for Coffee House. There will be graphs, more links to PDFs and we’ll summarise some of the best original research. We’ll also publish policy podcasts.

As ever with The Spectator, we’ll aim to keep it punchy, useful and to the point. So for anyone seeking to get into the biggest issues in greater depth, we hope you’ll find plenty to think (and argue) about here.

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