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Samantha Cameron reveals which opposition party she backs

10 September 2017

12:58 AM

10 September 2017

12:58 AM

Before David Cameron became Prime Minister in the 2010 election, he was dealt a setback when his old chum Ed Vaizey suggested that Cameron’s wife Samantha might be voting Labour. Although Cameron’s team were quick to pour cold water on the suggestion – and Vaizey in turn backtracked – the rumour persisted over the years.

Now that the pair are out of No 10, Sam Cam has finally set the record straight in an interview with The Sunday Telegraph. The fashion designer tells the paper that she never went so far as to vote Labour – but she did sometimes vote Green:

‘But I didn’t always vote Conservative – sometimes I went Green.’

With the Conservative party’s current Brexit stance failing to appeal to the Camerons, Mr S suspects Caroline Lucas – the sole Green MP – would be well-advised to drop Samantha a line…

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