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Paul Mason’s guide to ending neo-liberalism: talk to Pret workers

28 September 2017

4:42 PM

28 September 2017

4:42 PM

This year’s Labour party conference saw a more radical approach adopted by the leadership. In his leader’s speech, Jeremy Corbyn called for an end to neo-liberalism – describing his party’s pitch as 21st century socialism.

So, how best to bring an end to neo-liberalism? Happily, Paul Mason – the Channel 4 journalist-turned-left-wing-revolutionary – was on hand at Momentum’s festival to offer some tips on how to put a stop to the scourge of neo-liberalism: talk to Pret A Manger workers.

‘I think everyone in this room could imagine a small way to action that you have in your life. I try and talk to Pret workers and talk to McDonalds workers because they’re supposed to be nice to me but if you talk to them it humanises the situation.’

Turns out Mr S has been fighting the good fight all this time…

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