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Labour MP: I’ve found the magic money tree

1 September 2017

3:53 PM

1 September 2017

3:53 PM

For once, theres’s no vacancy in the shadow cabinet but when one inevitably comes up, Mr S would like to put forward his pick for promotion: Jared O’Mara. The Labour MP popped up on Channel 4 News last night to criticise the Tories for their spending on benefits. Inevitably, the dilemma of how it would be paid for came up. While that question might have troubled some, O’Mara had an answer: Britain has ‘loads of money’ to spend, he insisted.

The Labour MP’s insight didn’t stop there though, as he also revealed where the much talked-about ‘magic money tree’ is:

‘If you want to know where this magic money tree is…well, quite simply, it’s in tax evasion woods and tax avoidance forest.’

Unfortunately, when it came to his sums, O’Mara – who ousted Nick Clegg from his seat in Sheffield Hallam – came unstuck. He told viewers Britain has a GDP of £2.69bn. Of course, he meant to say £2.69 trillion. Oh dear…

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