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Jeremy Corbyn’s Uber memory lapse

24 September 2017

10:16 AM

24 September 2017

10:16 AM

The Uber ban presents something of a dilemma for the Labour party. The decision by Transport for London not to renew the taxi company’s licence has angered the party’s young voters. Yet Labour politicians are inclined to side with the unions rather than those affected by the ban. But when Jeremy Corbyn was put on the spot on the Andrew Marr show today about whether he has ever used an Uber, he found the perfect way of dodging the question:

AM: Have you ever taken an Uber?

JC: ….I don’t think so.

AM: You don’t think so?

JC: I’m not sure but I don’t think so

If Jeremy ever does remember, Mr S would be interested to know the answer…

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