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Is Rachel Johnson becoming a Corbynista?

6 September 2017

11:58 AM

6 September 2017

11:58 AM

During the snap election, Boris Johnson was given reason to blush when his sister Rachel came out for the Liberal Democrats. Despite having always voted Conservative previously, the Mail on Sunday columnist said the party’s Brexit stance had meant she had no choice but to defect. Since then, Johnson has written in The Spectator of the need for a new centrist party – ideally headed up by Gary Lineker, the people’s snowflake.

However, is Johnson actually considering another political defection? Mr S only asks after his mole reports a curious exchange between Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn at last night’s GQ Men of the Year awards. At the champagne-fuelled bash at the Tate Modern, Johnson made a b-line for Corbyn – who was there to present an award to Stormzy, the grime artist.

Steerpike’s mole overheard Johnson joke to Corbyn that his party was beginning to sound like her kind of politics thanks to the softening of the Labour Brexit position this week – with the decision to vote against the second reading of the EU withdrawal bill. Johnson suggested to Corbyn that his party’s EU position was now close to the Lib Dem’s anti-Brexit line.

Alas, Johnson’s hopes were dashed when Corbyn fixed her with a stern stare and said that his party’s position had not changed and the referendum result would be honoured.

Boris can breath a sigh of relief – for now.

Update: Sarah Vine thinks the transformation has already occurred.

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