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Evgeny Lebedev’s peace offering to Theresa May

12 September 2017

1:15 PM

12 September 2017

1:15 PM

Since taking on the editorship of the Evening Standard, George Osborne has discovered that revenge is a dish best served daily – rarely missing an opportunity to attack Theresa May and her government. So, Mr S was surprised to see that today’s edition of the paper, not only doesn’t attack the Prime Minister – but actually praises her work.

It appears that the paper’s proprietor Evgeny Lebedev is keen to find common ground with May. He has tweeted out today’s front page – which reveals the paper’s annual special investigation is focussed on modern slavery – an issue May has led the way on:

In today’s leader, the paper heaps praise on May for her work on the issue – as a ‘world leader’:

‘This paper has criticised the Prime Minister when she has made mistakes but Theresa May’s actions against modern slavery as Home Secretary and in Downing Street have made her a world leader on the issue.

She has strengthened our laws, set the international standards and stepped up policing to end modern slavery.’

Does this mark a new happier chapter for Osborne and the government? Mr S won’t hold his breath…

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