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David Lammy’s Brexit bashing backfires

4 September 2017

1:40 PM

4 September 2017

1:40 PM

Bashing Brexit is familiar territory for David Lammy. But Mr S thinks the next time the Labour MP wades in on the EU debate he might do so more carefully. Lammy was on Radio 4 last night following up on remarks reportedly made by EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier that Brits need to be ‘educated’ on Brexit. Unsurprisingly, Lammy was on Barnier’s side. He said:

‘When Barnier says he needs to educate the British public, I’ve got to say, he’s probably right about that’

Lammy brushed off the suggestion that he was being patronising. Yet somewhat awkwardly for Lammy, Barnier is now distancing himself from the comments. On Twitter, Barnier has said his aim is to explain the benefits of being in the single market. He then wrote:

‘We do not want to ‘educate’ or ‘teach lessons’’

Oh dear…

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