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Red Ken: Venezuela went wrong when they ignored my economic advice

Ken Livingstone caused a stir this week when he blamed Venezuela’s problems on the United States. Now, the former Mayor of London has a new reason for the country’s desperate state – and it isn’t the fault of the leader Nicolas Maduro. Instead, Red Ken said one of the explanations for Venezuela’s woes is simple: they failed to listen to his pearls of wisdom. During an interview this morning on Talk Radio, Livingstone said that he had offered economic advice to the country’s minister of finance back in 2008. But instead of taking his suggestions on board, Ken said his wise words were brushed aside – and now the country is reaping the consequences. Here’s what he said:

‘When I was in Venezuela, I advised their minister of finance…he ignored my advice. I advised him to invest in infrastructure, and he didn’t do that – and I think that’s one of their problems…’

Red Ken also doubled down on his support for the country’s leader and suggested that Britain could learn a thing or two from Venezuelan ‘democracy’. Corbyn’s lifelong pal didn’t finish there though: he also appeared to say that video footage showing opposition leaders being hauled from their homes during the night by government forces was ‘propaganda’ – and that we should wait another 30 years before we decide who is to blame for the country’s dire situation. Still, at least he didn’t talk about Hitler…

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