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Listen: Labour frontbencher’s Diane Abbott moment

2 August 2017

4:33 PM

2 August 2017

4:33 PM

Another day, another Labour frontbencher who comes unstuck when asked for a number in an interview. Today’s hapless shadow cabinet member is Andy McDonald – the shadow transport secretary – who took to the airwaves to talk about Labour’s ‘National Transformation Fund’ – a £250bn pot for public spending. So far, so good. But when BBC 5 Live’s Emma Barnett asked for how much of that cash would go towards transport, McDonald quickly ran into trouble:

EB: How much of that will specifically go on transport?

AM: I haven’t, Emma, I haven’t got that in front of me.

EB: But you’re the shadow transport can you not know?

AM: I’m telling you…I’ve got lots and lots of figures and stats…rest assured I can let you have details of that in the fullness.

With Diane Abbott and Jeremy Corbyn also memorably failing to get their numbers straight live on air, at least McDonald is in good company on the Labour front bench…

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