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Corbynista MP asked about Venezuela – but condemns America instead

2 August 2017

11:29 PM

2 August 2017

11:29 PM

Well, this is going well. As chaos reigns in Venezuela with at least 100 protesters dead in recent months and opposition leaders under arrest, Jeremy Corbyn has come under pressure to speak out against the socialist regime he previously claimed showed a ‘better way of doing things’.

While the Labour appears to have taken a vow of silence, his shadow cabinet are at least proving more forthcoming. This evening top Corbyn ally Chris Williamson appearing on Newsnight, alongside former Labour MP Tom Harris, to discuss recent events.


However, rather than just condemn Maduro’s regime, the shadow minister went on the offensive about America. Asked about the political turmoil in Venezuela, Williamson was quick to blame the USA before going on to blame the pesky media:

The cherry on the cake came when Williamson declined to say whether his politics were closer to Tony Blair or the Venezuelan government.

Viva la revolución!

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