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Winchester College honours its Corbynistas

27 July 2017

11:53 AM

27 July 2017

11:53 AM

As Jeremy Corbyn feels the heat this week over his decision to row back on an election pledge to ‘deal’ with pre-existing student debt, his MPs have been doing their best to deflect attention from the apparent U-turn. When challenged over Corbyn’s comments on the Today programme, Mike Kane – the shadow minister for schools – said the more important issue at play was that the BBC journalists asking him about it were all privately-educated.

However, Mr S isn’t sure this is the wisest attack-line to go on. After all, Corbyn’s own office can hardly be described as State Schools ‘R’ Us. In the new Winchester College newsletter, two of the country’s leading left-wing revolutionaries – Corbyn’s Director of communications and Head of Strategic Communications – are paid tribute to.


With all five Wykehamist MPs (Nick Boles, Alex Chalk, Marcus Fysh, Rishi Sunak and John Whittingdale) holding their seats in the election, the £12,700-per-term school – ‘by way of balance’ – presented ‘a post-election portrait’ of ‘Jeremy Corbyn flanked by two Wykehamists – James Schneider and Seamus Milne’.

Unfortunately, despite the high teaching standards at the school, they failed to spell Seumas Milne’s name correctly…

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