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Why Theresa May is no longer a fashion victim

31 July 2017

10:49 AM

31 July 2017

10:49 AM

Over the weekend, there was much excitement after the Prime Minister was spotted wearing the same Next dress on two separate occasions on her summer jaunt to Italy. While the jury may still be out on the £26 shirt dress, some Conservatives have been boosted by the double outing for the item. The reason? It suggests that she is not in contact with her former chief of staff Fiona Hill. ‘Fi would never have allowed her to be seen in the same dress twice,’ observes Mr S’s fashion-politico.

They have a point. On quitting as May’s director of communications, Kate Perrior revealed how it was Hill who was to blame for the trouser-gate row which saw the Prime Minister come under fire for wearing a £995 pair of Amanda Wakeley brown leather trousers – while talking about helping those who are ‘just about managing’. The night before the fashion shoot, Perrior claimed she was admonished by Hill for agreeing that the Prime Minister could wear her own clothes:

‘I then overheard Hill on the phone to the designer Amanda Wakeley, begging her to send over a van full of clothes the next morning for the PM to choose from.’

While the Tories may no longer have a majority, they can at least take heart that they also won’t have another ‘trouser-gate’ row anytime soon…

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