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Watch: Rebecca Long-Bailey channels her inner Boris Johnson

16 July 2017

3:05 PM

16 July 2017

3:05 PM

For months now, it’s proved a daily challenge trying to work out what exactly Labour’s position on Brexit is. While the 2017 manifesto said the party wanted to retain the benefits of both the single market and the customs union, a lot of confusion follows when one tries to pin down whether that means staying a member of both or leaving them.

This morning, Rebecca Long-Bailey attempted to set the record straight. In an interview with Andrew Neil on the Sunday Politics, the shadow business secretary said what Labour wanted was to… have their cake and eat it:

‘We want to maintain the benefits that we currently have within the customs union… but you know, we want to have our cake and eat it.’

If her words sound familiar it may be because this is what Boris Johnson once said his position on Brexit was. At the time, the Foreign Secretary’s comments were the subject of mockery from the opposition…

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