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Watch: Damian Green quizzed on Theresa May’s disappearing act

12 July 2017

12:48 PM

12 July 2017

12:48 PM

During the election campaign, Tory MPs were queuing up to be snapped with Theresa May and the Prime Minister’s face was plastered all over Conservative party leaflets up and down the country. Now, though, it seems May has become something of an embarrassment to the Tories. The Prime Minister might be just about managing to stay in office but her photograph has been wiped clean from the party’s website – a fact pointed out by Labour MP Toby Perkins during PMQs today:

The Conservative website prior to the election result:

The Conservative website after the election result:

Much to the embarrassment of Damian Green – who was standing in for the PM today – the Labour backbencher asked what had happened to the image of May from the front page of the website:

‘Politicians are said to be here today and gone tomorrow…I note for the first time since she has become Prime Minister her image has now been removed from the front page of the Conservative party website. Can the First Secretary tell us why she has gone from being the next Iron Lady to The Lady Vanishes?’

Unfortunately for Perkins, his track record of speaking out against his own leader came back to haunt him. Green pointed out that last June, the Labour MP had said that Jeremy Corbyn was ‘not destined to be Prime Minister’. Green finished his answer by telling him:

‘I suggest he might want to make peace with his own front bench before he starts being rude about ours.’


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