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Shadow business minister admits to using ‘morally wrong’ Uber

11 July 2017

12:01 PM

11 July 2017

12:01 PM

Oh dear. This morning, Rebecca Long-Bailey risked alienating the three million people who use the Uber taxi app, when she said that it was ‘morally unacceptable’ to do so. While the shadow business secretary cited concerns with the gig economy as her reason for doing so, it seems not everyone in her team agrees.

Somewhat embarrassingly, Long-Bailey’s shadow business minister Chi Onwurah has just appeared on All Out Politics on Sky News, where she revealed that she was a user of Uber – and, actually, thought there were plenty of positives to the taxi app which allows drivers to choose when and how they work:

CO: These services bring real benefits to people and as a single woman leaving a meeting at 11,o,clock at night, knowing and be able to see that your Uber is approaching is a benefit so I recognise that.

AB: Do you use Uber yourself?

CO: I’ve used Uber myself.

Onwurah did at least try to return to Long-Bailey’s point by the end of the interview. She insisted that if Uber wasn’t subject to more regulation soon, she could find it hard to continue using the service.

Taxi* for Onwurah.

*Better make that an Uber

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