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Rebecca Long-Bailey: Using Uber isn’t morally acceptable

11 July 2017

8:12 AM

11 July 2017

8:12 AM

Thinking of hopping into an Uber today? Think again. At least that’s the message from Labour frontbencher Rebecca Long-Bailey. The Corbynite MP – who has been widely tipped as a possible successor one day to Jezza – said she doesn’t use Uber because she doesn’t think it’s ‘morally acceptable’ to do so. Here’s what she told Nick Robinson this morning:

I don’t personally use Uber because I don’t feel that it is morally acceptable but that’s not to say that they can’t reform their practices.

Mr S. thinks that Long-Bailey’s comments will go down well with London’s cabbies who have been fighting an ongoing battle with Uber. But her message that using an Uber isn’t morally right might not be so warmly received by the three million people in London who use the taxi app…

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