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New Kensington MP takes against her royal constituents

17 July 2017

9:42 AM

17 July 2017

9:42 AM

Although an MP is supposed to act in the best interests of their constituents, Emma Dent Coad appears to have missed the memo. The new MP for Kensington appeared at an anti-monarchist Republic event over the weekend – where she wasted no time in laying into the residents of Kensington Palace.

The Labour politician said she despised the money spent on the royal family before comparing the Middleton family to the Kardashians. She said she would prefer the Beckhams to make up the royal family as at least that family has earned its own money:

‘I would say if we are going to have princes and princesses then I would rather it was the Beckhams, because they have earned their own money.’

Perhaps it ought to come as little surprise then that Dent Coad also declined an offer to meet with the Queen when Her Majesty recently visited the People’s Republic of Kensington.


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