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Was Jeremy Corbyn’s pro-Assad pizza pal really just a ‘member of the public’?

12 July 2017

10:51 AM

12 July 2017

10:51 AM

This week, Jeremy Corbyn got himself into a spot of bother when photos emerged of the Labour leader enjoying a pizza alongside a pro-Assad campaigner. Marcus Papadopoulos, who denied genocide in Srebrenica, shared a picture of the pair – praising ‘a wonderful dinner and discussion’:

The Leader’s Office have been quick to distance Corbyn from Papadopoulos. A Labour spokesman says that Corbyn had dinner with friends from Cypriots for Labour ‘during which they were joined briefly by Mr Papadopolous’ who asked for a quick snap – they say ‘photographs of Jeremy with members of the public do not mean he endorses their views, as is the case on this occasion too’.

But is Papadopolous really just a member of the public to Team Corbyn? Mr S was curious to note that Corbyn’s director of communications previously took part in a panel discussion with Papadopoulos, on Russia Today (natch):

What’s more, Papadopoulos stood for election as a Labour councillor in Sutton in 2014:

lf Corbyn really doesn’t know Papadopolous, perhaps Milne can assist with an introduction.

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