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Clive Lewis’s welfare cuts claim backfires

12 July 2017

9:41 AM

12 July 2017

9:41 AM

If you just listened to Corbynistas, one could be forgiven for thinking that (a) Labour won the snap election (b) the party increased its popularity among the working class.

Last night offered a perfect example of Labour’s contrary rhetoric. Speaking at an Open Labour event, Clive Lewis boasted of how far the party had come since MPs were asked – by interim leader Harriet Harman – to vote for the welfare bill after the 2015 Labour election defeat:

Only if being truthful, it’s hard to see that much has changed at all on this issue. In the 2017 manifesto, Labour kept £7bn of  George Osborne’s £9bn welfare cuts. In fact, the biggest bung from the manifesto was to the middle classes in the form of free tuition fees. Perhaps this is why the tweet has now mysteriously disappeared.

Viva la revolución!

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