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Books Podcast: Naomi Klein

13 July 2017

1:39 PM

13 July 2017

1:39 PM

In this week’s Spectator Books podcast I’m joined by Naomi Klein, the activist journalist who gave articulate voice to the anti-globalisation movement in books such as No Logo and The Shock Doctrine. In her latest work, No Is Not Enough: Defeating The New Shock Politics, she gives an urgent account of how — as she sees it — Trumpism came to be and what moderates and progressives need to do about it.

We talk about why talking about Trump only makes it worse, how WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) is the key to understanding the modern White House, why nobody knows what’s going on in British politics any more; and I ask her — cheerily — whether it really is too late to ensure the survival of life on planet earth. Listen here:

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