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Another day, another victory for the DUP

11 July 2017

4:37 PM

11 July 2017

4:37 PM

Theresa May’s decision to announce plans to launch an inquiry into the contaminated blood scandal on the day she ‘reboots’ her leadership, has been read by many as a sign of her growing weakness. With no Tory majority in sight, the Prime Minister today issued a plea to other parties to contribute – before giving way on an issue that the opposition parties are united on.

But before one gets too carried away by the new power wielded by the likes of Labour, is it actually just the same old? Mr S was intrigued to note that the DUP earlier in the week backed an inquiry into the scandal. This meant – that with the confidence and supply agreement not applying – May had no choice but to cave, or face defeat in the House.

Another day, another victory for the DUP.

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