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Andrea Leadsom lets slip her leadership ambitions

18 July 2017

11:35 AM

18 July 2017

11:35 AM

Although Boris Johnson, David Davis and Philip Hammond have all been on the receiving end from the Conservative party over their jostling to become the next leader, this has not put off other contenders from entering the fray. Last night, Andrea Leadsom appeared to make her own ambitions for No 10 clear, in a Commons exchange with Labour’s Darren Jones.

The MP for Bristol North West said that since arriving in Parliament he had been disappointed to discover – much like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz – that things weren’t quite how they had seemed from the outside looking in:

‘Like in the children’s novel, ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’, I always assumed that if I made it to the end of the yellow brick road to this place I might find the wonderful wizard of government. Instead, much like Dorothy and her obviously disappointed dog, Toto, I have failed to find a Government of mandates, ​leadership or stature and instead, behind the curtain, I have found a group of middle-aged men protecting their egos in a bid to take over from a lame duck Prime Minister.’

Leadsom did not take kindly to his words. However, it wasn’t the Labour MP calling May a ‘lame duck’ Prime Minister that bothered her. Instead, it was the suggestion that there are a ‘group of middle-aged men protecting their egos in a bid to take over from her’:

AL: On a point of order, Mr Speaker. May I challenge the hon. Gentleman on whether he just called me a middle-aged man?

Mr S will take that as confirmation Leadsom is one of the politicians who can be described as protecting their ego in a bid to take over from May.

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