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Watch: Karen Bradley refuses to answer question over armed police numbers

Theresa May is under pressure over cuts to armed police in the wake of the London attack. This morning, Culture Secretary Karen Bradley popped up on Good Morning Britain to try and defend the Prime Minister. The only problem? Bradley refused to answer any questions. Here’s her awkward exchange with Piers Morgan:

Piers Morgan: Do you know if the number of armed police has gone up or down in the last six years? Do you know the answer?

Karen Bradley: Piers, what I am interested in is making sure that we have the right resources, the right powers and the right training and capabilities. I am assured by the police that they have that to deal with the counter-terrorism threat, but we need to look, learn lessons and make sure we act where appropriate…

PM: Is there any reason why you can’t answer the question?

KB: Piers, we are here to talk about how we react to the attack on Saturday

PM: So, you just don’t want to answer?

KB: Piers, we are here because on Thursday there is a general election.

Mr S suggests that the next time Bradley makes an appearance on the TV she learns from Diane Abbott’s mistake and does her homework beforehand…


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