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Theresa May performs yet another U-turn

2 June 2017

9:53 AM

2 June 2017

9:53 AM

Given that Theresa May hasn’t performed one of her customary ‘strong and steady’ U-turns for over a week, it was about time she changed her mind on something. So, Mr S was relieved to read her interview with City AM editor Christian May.

While the Prime Minister promises to defend the City in EU negotiations, it was the quick fire round that caught Steerpike’s attention. May is asked to pick which restaurant out of Coq D’Argent or Simpson’s Tavern she prefers:

CM: Coq D’Argent or Simpson’s Tavern?

TM: Simpson’s Tavern.

When May plumps for Simpson’s Tavern, the editor lets her know this is also Nigel Farage’s favourite:

CM: When I point out this is Nigel Farage’s favourite City haunt, the PM changes her mind.

Mr S will take that as a sign May won’t be taking the former Ukip leader up on his offer of diplomatic assistance anytime soon…

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