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Jeremy Corbyn’s resignation U-turn

5 June 2017

4:04 PM

5 June 2017

4:04 PM

Although it’s Theresa May who has earned a reputation for performing U-turns, today Jeremy Corbyn has given the Prime Minister a run for her money. The Labour leader kicked off the day by boldly claiming that May ought to resign over cuts to police numbers, in light of recent terror attacks. Given that there’s an election in just three days, it was a peculiar statement from the man hoping to be prime minister come Friday.

Perhaps that’s why Jeremy has since had a change of heart. In a tetchy interview with Sky News, Corbyn said he did not think May should resign three days before an election:

Sky: Do you think she should resign?

JC: No, I think we should vote on Thursday to decide who our MPs are and who our government is going to be.

However, when it was put to him that he had changed his position, Corbyn saw red:

‘Let’s be very clear. There is an election on, everybody has a choice and a lot of people are very angry and would have wanted her to resign were she still home secretary.’

It seems it’s not just Theresa May who is for turning…

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