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Coffee House General Election 2017 Steerpike

George Osborne’s sweet revenge

8 June 2017

11:28 PM

8 June 2017

11:28 PM

According to the exit poll, the Conservatives are on not on course for a majority, instead a hung Parliament is predicted. Given that Theresa May called this election to strengthen her hand and increase the Tory majority, her gamble looks to have backfired spectacularly.

Now the polls could be wrong but this doesn’t mean May’s enemies aren’t enjoying the moment. Step forward George Osborne. The former chancellor – who May fired when she came to power – appears particularly revitalised by the news. Following the projection, Osborne – who now edits the Evening Standard – was quick to suggest May’s time could be up. Appearing on ITV, he predicted that Theresa May won’t ‘survive’ if the ‘catastrophic’ exit poll comes true.

If so, perhaps George can lend a hand in her absence?

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