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David Cameron’s guru says May should resign over terror failures

5 June 2017

10:39 AM

5 June 2017

10:39 AM

It seems to be a British tradition that Steve Hilton, David Cameron’s close friend and former director of strategy, intervenes in a general election. During the EU referendum, he came out for Brexit. Now, it’s Theresa May’s turn to have Hilton turn on her.

The former No 10 aide, who now lives in California, has once more made a splash from across the pond. After the Prime Minister gave a punchy statement outside No 10 yesterday calling for an internet privacy clampdown and more vigilance in muslim communities, Hilton has hit back. He claims May is ‘responsible’ for the security fails that led to the three recent terrorist attacks as a result of her tim as Home Secretary. As a result, Hilton says she ought to resign:

But is Hilton being entirely fair? As Nadine Dorries has been quick to point out, Hilton worked in No 10 with David Cameron — who was ultimately responsible for budget allocation (and police numbers).


Still, given the bad blood between Hilton and his former boss following the EU referendum, Mr S can’t see David Cameron jumping to Hilton’s defence anytime soon…

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