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Conservative MEP on Brexit negotiation tactics: ‘take down your trousers and just show what you’ve got’

19 June 2017

1:04 PM

19 June 2017

1:04 PM

As formal Brexit negotiations between the UK and EU begin today, there remains much confusion over what Britain’s Brexit strategy actually is. Philip Hammond confused matters further on Sunday when he appeared to undermine the Prime Minister – saying no deal is a very bad option indeed.

So, what should the strategy be? Speaking on BBC Scotland this morning, Ian Duncan – the Conservative MEP – offered his own unique take. He said there were a few options on the table, including ‘taking down your trousers’:

‘It depends how you want to play a negotiation, you can literally turn every card face up and step in, take down your trousers and just show what you’ve got. It’s your choice.

Or you can take it in a much more sophisticated way which is trying to negotiate piece by piece, issue by issue to get the best deal possible.’

Mr S suspects it may be for the best that Duncan isn’t an integral part of the UK negotiating team…

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