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Books Podcast: Jonathan Meades

29 June 2017

12:19 PM

29 June 2017

12:19 PM

In this week’s Books Podcast I’m joined by the great Jonathan Meades. A man of many hats — food critic, architectural critic, memoirist, polemicist, cultural historian, novelist etc — and one distinctive pair of sunglasses, Meades is this week talking about stealing food. His The Plagiarist In The Kitchen, new in paperback, is a sort of anti-recipe book; a collection of cookable recipes (well, except the one), an erudite disquisition on the history and theory of cookery, and a slant discussion of the whole idea of plagiarism. Also, it’s packed with good jokes. Join us to hear why Paul Bocuse doesn’t know how to make gratin dauphinois, why it’s hard to source the dried spinal cord of a sturgeon in London, why you have to be careful with celery, and why Meades’s friends can’t be trusted on the subject of testicles.

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