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Angry protesters descend on Kensington Town Hall in the wake of Grenfell Tower blaze

Angry protesters have descended on Kensington Town Hall in the wake of the Grenfell Tower blaze in which at least 30 people lost their lives. People chanted ‘We want justice’ and ‘shame on you’, as several of the demonstrators held a sit-in protest inside the town hall. Chants of ‘Not 17, not 17’ could also be heard, amidst claims from some of those taking part in the protest that the official number of those who died in the blaze was being covered up. Police earlier confirmed the death toll from the fire, which broke out in the early hours of Wednesday morning, had reached 30; there are fears the number of those who died could rise considerably, with 76 residents still unaccounted for.

In furious scenes this afternoon, over a hundred people remain gathered outside the council’s headquarters. Protesters drew up a list of demands from the council, which included that those who lost their homes in the fire be rehoused locally. A demand for an immediate release of funds to cover the cost of welfare was also made. This video shows the moment that protesters charged into the town hall:

This clip shows the latest from inside the town hall:

Here a friend of a victim of the fire reads out a statement from the council to a list of demands put to them by demonstrators:

UPDATE: Hundreds of protesters are also marching on Whitehall:

Here is the latest video from the scene outside Downing Street:

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