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Coffee House General Election 2017 Steerpike

Watch: Workers Revolutionary Party march on the Daily Politics

18 May 2017

3:43 PM

18 May 2017

3:43 PM

Although the Mainstream Media would have you believe that the major political force in this election is the Tories, is it actually the Workers Revolutionary Party who are on the march?

Mr S only asks after the WRP’s Frank Sweeney appeared on the Daily Politics to explain why it has to be the Trotskyist group at this election. However, if you don’t have a WRP candidate in your area, Sweeney says settle for Labour (even if they have sold out):

‘The leadership of the Labour party has sold out because of its political outlook. It’s a reformist outlook. If you look at their present manifesto, it’s a Fabian conception that the economic crisis is finished.’

Although the party are only fielding five candidates, they are hopeful of their chances nationwide:

AN: How many WRP candidates will you field?

FS: Five.

AN: And are they concentrated in London or are they spread around?

FS: There’s four in London and one in Sheffield.

AN: Okay, is London fertile territory for you?

FS: The whole country is fertile territory for us.

AN: Explain that.

At the end of the interview they got to the crux of the matter: are the Trotskyists stuck in the past?

AN: Isn’t Trotsky a bit 20th century? Has his time not come and gone?

FS: No, he’s 21st century.

One to watch in this campaign.

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