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Coffee House General Election 2017 Steerpike

Watch: Theresa meets Cathy

15 May 2017

4:00 PM

15 May 2017

4:00 PM

Over the past few weeks, Theresa May has toured the country meeting a carefully curated audience of Tory supporters. This has helped to cultivate the idea that Theresa May’s Team are incredibly popular across the land.

Today, CCHQ changed the formula and the Prime Minister met with non-vetted members of the public, on the campaign trail in Oxfordshire. So, how did that go?

Well, Cathy wasn’t best pleased with May over her Disability Living Allowance being taken away:


Meanwhile, another voter wasn’t all that happy with the state of housing under the Tories:

Mr S suspects the party may return to old tricks for the next visit…

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