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Coffee House General Election 2017 Steerpike

Theresa May’s woman in Hove causes a stir with the local press

17 May 2017

9:33 AM

17 May 2017

9:33 AM

Oh dear. Given the number of complaints from local Conservative groups about the amount of CCHQ control freakery involved in candidate selection for the snap election, one would have thought that those who made the cut would be the crème de la crème of the party.

So, Labour’s Peter Kyle ought to count his lucky stars that his Tory opponent Kristy Adams appears to have slipped through the net. With the Conservatives hoping to take Hove from Labour come June, Adams has given an interview to the local paper — the Argus — in a bid to win voters.

Alas Mr S suspects that it may instead have the opposite effect. With Hove voting heavily to Remain, Adams — who bills herself as Theresa May’s woman — refused to say how she voted in the EU referendum on three occasions:

TA: Which way did you vote on Brexit?

KA: I didn’t campaign for the outs and I didn’t campaign for the ins. I think we’ve got to look to the future and that’s what I’m about.

TA: But how did you vote?

KA: I’ve just said to you I didn’t campaign for the in team and I didn’t campaign for the out team.

TA: But I asked which way you voted.

KA: I’m not going to answer that question.

Theresa May’s candidate also went on to reveal that before winning the selection in Hove, she applied to a total of 12 constituencies in 2015. She finished off the interview by refusing to say whether she had really healed a deaf man, as previously claimed:

TA: [Last month the Daily Mirror reported that in 2010, Mrs Adams told an interviewer that the previous year she laid her hands on a deaf man and healed his hearing saying “be healed in Jesus’ name”] We should touch on religion. Were you quoted accurately by The Mirror?

KA: Millions of Christians around the world pray every day to help people. I had asked for that article to be removed.

Things are looking up for Labour…

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