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Coffee House General Election 2017 Steerpike

Theresa May’s recycled battle bus

An eagle-eyed Twitter user has spotted something that could be a metaphor for the last 12 months of British politics. Theresa May’s 2017 general election battle bus is – wait for it – last year’s Remain bus, spray-painted with new ‘strong and stable’ slogans.

It looks like the number plate checks out:

Quite funny, this. May has spent the early part of her premiership desperately trying to prove her Leave credentials. She appointed key Leave campaigners to her Cabinet, refused to promise that EU nationals already in this country would be allowed to stay, and recently blasted Brussels for issuing threats that were apparently designed ‘to affect the result of the general election’.

Her critics, and perhaps a few kippers, will chortle at this and say it confirms what they knew all along: she’s a sheep in wolves’ clothing! But it might be overreacting to throw someone under a bus for this blunder. Maybe the Prime Minister is just trying to set an example – waste not, want not. Clearly that applies to bits of Ed Miliband’s manifesto; why not battle buses too?

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