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Coffee House General Election 2017 Steerpike

Introducing Theresa May’s local candidates

4 May 2017

11:09 AM

4 May 2017

11:09 AM

Standing outside Downing Street, Theresa May’s speech was notable for a number of reasons — not just her claim that politicians in Brussels were trying to interfere in the election result. In a sign of how the Tories are trying to turn this snap election into a presidential-style contest, May talked about ‘my local candidates’— rather Conservative candidates.

With this messages passed down to candidates, some are taking it literally. Step forward Claire-Louise Leyland. The Conservative candidate for Hampstead and Kilburn —  a marginal seat the Tories hope to snatch from Labour — is advertising herself as ‘Theresa May’s Local Candidate for Hampstead & Kilburn’ on social media:

To be fair, if May does scrap the tax lock and opt for an economic policy more akin to Ed Miliband’s, it may be for the best that she refrained from advertising herself too heavily as a conservative…

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