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Paul Nuttall lacks the personal touch in the leaders’ debate

18 May 2017

10:21 PM

18 May 2017

10:21 PM

Oh dear. With both Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn opting to give tonight’s ITV leaders’ debate a miss, leaders of the other political parties had the perfect opportunity to step into the spotlight and make a good impression in front of the electorate.

Alas Ukip’s Paul Nuttall appeared to miss the mark. Nearing the end of the debate, the Ukip leader referred to his opponent Leanne Wood — the leader of Plaid Cymru — as ‘Natalie’. To make matters worse, he then repeated the error later on. It’s thought ht may have confused Wood for the former Green party leader Natalie Bennett.

It seems Ukip may have a women problem after all…

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